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PerfectSURVIVAL 15

Your 15 days nutritional enhancement in lockdown

Our bestseller MyAMINO® is therefore not only a daily companion, but “Best Buddy” when it comes to a high-quality protein supply. The amino acids contained in MyAMINO® are of the highest purity and correspond to the so-called “Full Medical Grade” (pharmacopoeia quality) and not the usual and simple “Food Grade” (food quality).

In addition to this you will receive our dietary fiber classic ColoSTABIL® in this package.  With just one heaped tablespoon, you have a valuable source of food and fiber combined with micronutrients, antioxidants, bitter substances and many forgotten helpers from traditional herbal medicine.

All organic and 100% vegetable and therefore vegan.

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Includes 7% MwSt.
Delivery Time: 2 to 4 business days

Product Description

Eight essential amino acids

Master Amino Acid Pattern: Highly efficient protein supply

Effective protein nutrition with the eight essential amino acids, composed according to the human amino acid pattern – for a net nitrogen utilization of 99%.

MyAMINO® is based on a unique amino acid formula that is structured according to the specific human amino acid profile. It can be taken at all ages and in all everyday situations to optimize body protein synthesis and to reduce the burden of excretion-related nitrogen depletion from dietary proteins. For an effective protein diet.

What can essential amino acids be used for?

  • as a daily food supplement and food enhancement, especially for increased strain and stress, in competitive sports and in vegetarian and vegan nutrition
  • for the protein supply of persons in special physiological circumstances, such as seniors, pregnant women, nursing mothers, children in growth and people in regeneration
  • in the context of dietary nutrition programs, such as ketogenic and low blood sugar nutrition
    to maintain and strengthen body substance, tissue and muscles


MyAMINO®  the protein revolution

  • MyAMINO® is a pure food and consists of 100% pure, free and crystalline amino acids
  • MyAMINO® has a bioavailability/digestibility of 100%
  • MyAMINO® provides an optimal ratio of the eight essential amino acids L-leucine (19.6%), L-valine (16.6%), L-isoleucine (14.8%), L-lysine (14.3%), L-phenylalanine (12.9%), L-threonine (11.1%), L-methionine (7.0%), L-tryptophan (3.7%), which is optimal for the human dietary pattern
  • MyAMINO® therefore achieves the world’s highest protein nutritional value of 99 % net amino acid digestibility (NAV)
  • As a result, MyAMINO® produces only 1% excretion waste (ammonia) and only 1% glucose from protein metabolism
  • MyAMINO® is almost completely free of calories (only 0.4 kcal in 10 pellets) and provides your body with the same amount of actually usable amino acids as 350g of meat, fish or poultry.
  • MyAMINO® is completely absorbed in the small intestine within 23 minutes and therefore leaves no digestive end products in the intestine. It is already split and does not require any split enzymes (peptidases). The transition period of common dietary proteins into the body takes 5 to 13 times longer.
  • MyAMINO® is obtained from the fermentation of non-GM pulses and contains no additives or doping substances. It is not a drug and is tolerated without restrictions.

Prebiotic fiber to support digestion

Preparation of dietary fiber, seeds, bitter substances and herbs
Combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers

Promote a good gut feeling and general well-being with prebiotic fibers: Support your digestion with ColoSTABIL®.

According to literature, dietary fibers are characterized by activity in the intestine. The intestine is our largest organ and should reliably fulfill its central role for the digestion and supply of nutrients as well as the regulated excretion of end products despite our unfavorable modern diet. In addition, a healthy intestine houses 80% of our immune system.

This well-balanced formula, consisting of a mixture of fiber, seeds, bitter substances and herbs, is designed to meet the needs of a healthy digestion. The intestine and its digestion play a key role in nutrition and metabolic processes.

According to their nature, prebiotic dietary fibers support

  • a natural, good gut feeling and general condition
  • a normal, harmonious digestion and a stable intestinal function
  • a normal self-cleaning of the large and small intestine
  • a physiological intestinal environment and a natural, physiological intestinal flora, and consequently a good immune defense of the organism
  • specific binding properties in the gut and normal excretion

Valuable nutritional values

ColoSTABIL® is a complete, natural food preparation with ingredients of the best quality. It contains a sensational spectrum of valuable trace elements, vitamins and secondary plant substances such as polyphenols, bioflavonoids, anthocyanins and OPC, resveratrol and bitter substances.

Bowel and stool care

ColoSTABIL® contains many soluble and insoluble ballast, mucilage and fiber substances for cleaning, binding and vitalizing. Experts assume that today we consume only 10% of the amount of dietary fiber compared to the average rural population 50 years ago.

Prebiotic dietary fibers serve as food for the health-promoting microorganisms in the large intestine and can thus support a favorable intestinal environment and consequently strengthen the body’s own immune defenses.

A normalization of digestion and thus tightening of the intestinal passage relieves the intestinal mucosa and promotes its regeneration. Natural cleansing and excretion takes place gently and efficiently and can help to significantly reduce the daily intake of undesirable substances.

Hildegard- and bitter herbs

Active plant substances, essential spices and herbs, as well as bitter herbs can also have specific binding properties. In addition, their secondary plant substances can have natural, stimulating effects on the body’s own detoxification organs, such as the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and, of course, the intestines themselves.

ColoSTABIL® offers a unique prebiotic supply of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers in high concentrations (65%). It also contains natural micronutrients, antioxidants and bitter substances as well as many forgotten helpers from traditional herbal medicine. ColoSTABIL® thus makes an important contribution to a holistic, healthy diet.



120 pressed pieces / 120 g. Sufficient, depending on the amount consumed, for 24 – 12 days.


100% free and crystalline amino acids in high purity, pharmaceutical grade. Namely L-leucine (19.6%), L-valine (16.6%), L-isoleucine (14.8%), L-lysine (14.3%), L-phenylalanine (12.9%), L-threonine (11.1%), L-methionine (7.0%), L-tryptophan (3.7%).

MyAMINO® is free of any additives or doping substances. MyAMINO® is not a drug but a highly pure foodstuff. Its amino acids are obtained from fermentation and contain no allergens.



200 g mixture, sufficient for 15 days


oat bran, spelt bran, ground hemp seed, broccoli powder, whole psyllium, whole linseed, whole psyllium husk, ground psyllium, ground aronia berries, acerola cherry powder, artichoke powder, spice mixture: e.g. gentian root, milk thistle, dandelion root, bertram, clove, caraway seed

Nutritional values

Energy/calorific value: 15 g: 39 kcal/162 kJ – 100 g: 259 kcal/1079 kJ
Recommended daily amount: 15 g

Nutrients MyAMINO®

per 10 pellets
NRV/RDA % of the recommended daily amount


Nutrients ColoSTABIL®

per 15g (daily recommendation) and 100g
NRV/RDA % of the recommended daily amount


Recommended intake:

To the food revaluation 1 to 2 times daily 5 Presslinge with sufficient liquid, best before the meals.
Higher intakes or sports or dietary nutrition according to the instructions of your nutritionist, trainer, alternative practitioner or doctor.

There are no known restrictions or intolerances.
Suitable for vegans.

Use of MyAMINO®

  • Upgrading and supplementing the daily protein diet
  • Stress and strain
  • Leisure and competitive sports
  • Vegetarian or vegan lifestyle
  • Weight management, excretion cures and metabolic programs, e.g. ketogenic diet (according to instructions)
  • Protein supply for people in special physiological circumstances, such as the elderly, pregnant women, nursing mothers, children in growth, people in
  • Regeneration
  • Nutrition for people who have to watch their blood sugar
  • Protein deficiency states of different causes
  • Supplementation in case of limited intake and utilization of dietary protein
  • Strengthening of body substance, tissue and muscles

MyAMINO® can be used in various stages of life and situations of our everyday life to optimize body protein synthesis and at the same time to reduce the natural burden on the breakdown organs (especially liver and kidneys) of metabolic waste from food proteins that must be excreted.


recommended intake/h4>

  • To enhance the nutritional value of your food, add 1 heaped tablespoon (approx. 15 grams) of juice, warm or cold water, milk, yoghurt, muesli or fruit every day. Stir well or whisk well.
  • Increase slowly within the first week.
  • For the cure treatment, double the amount for 4 – 6 weeks.

suitable for vegans.

Use of ColoSTABIL®

  • as a valuable source of nutrients and dietary fibre
  • for a varied, balanced diet plan
  • as a satisfying and low-calorie snack (e.g. as a shake with fruit juice)
  • before and after sporting activity
  • source of dietary fibre for weight-reducing diets

Legal notice: This product is for nutritional purposes and therefore does not affect the German Drug Advertising Act (HWG). A good nutritional status can help the organism to prevent or overcome diseases. All statements made about the product describe characteristics and physiological effects that may naturally vary among consumers and do not represent a promise of cure or health.


Rechtlicher Hinweis: Dieses Produkt dient der Ernährung und berührt deshalb nicht das Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG). Ein guter Ernährungsstatus kann dem Organismus helfen Erkrankungen vorzubeugen oder diese zu überwinden. Alle zu dem Produkt getroffenen Aussagen beschreiben Eigenschaften und physiologische Wirkungen, die bei Konsumenten natürlicherweise unterschiedlich ausfallen können, und stellen keine Heil- oder Gesundheitsversprechen dar.




Nutritional supplements, Vegan


Binding substances, Dietary fibres & Prebiotics, Essential amino acids, Plant substances/polyphenols, Vitamins


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Herbal food preparation, Protein formula / amino acids

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